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Presonus 32 Studiolive, superb desk


 re-release of the 2003 album "With One Eye Closed"  Dave Lowe and Paul Edge, remixed and remastered, on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify.

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Moon for Sale is Paul Edge

Moon for Sale is Paul Edge, Dave Lowe 

Paul and Dave's new album available on Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc etc. worldwide. album

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Re-Release of the 2003 Album "With One Eye Closed to be released on 1st February 2019 on Amazon


Well 2020 has been a very strange year indeed.  no recordings have been done in the studio since March this year other than recordings of my own with no production assistance.  lets hope 2021 is much better.  I have written 2020 off now and concentrated on updating the studio ready for next year.


Paul Edge Demos recorded prior to June 2016 for various video projects  Copyright Paul Edge Music and new recordings with Les Aston,Steve Shirley and Pete Fryer 2016 / 2017 The following samples are pre releases and form a EP recording called "First Shoots for the new foundation" from the new album released in March 2018, Trouvaille release date was 8th June 2018

Now with Lyrics from Steve Shirley and demo vocal from Steve re-titled "if you really care" Copyright © Blue Bone Records 2018

If you really care.mp3

"Not so Famous last words" film project,  is now complete with help from the horny horn men with his massive cymbal and timpani drums. Paul is playing all the instruments bar the superb guitar by Pete Fryer, the Guitar this was recorded both at Paul's Telford Studio and Pete's in South Somerset,check it out, Les also appears on Rythem Guitar Copyright© Paul Edge and Pete Fryer 2016, Lyrics and melody version reserved for ©Steve Shirley Music 2017.  Nice working with a Brass section again,  Nice job by Ivor Gotthehorn and his horny horn men.

Not so famous last words.mp3

Toerag, the child up the chimney 


Although playing all the instruments this is my Terrible cover, not really doing this superb tune justice "From the beginning" (Greg Lake) to test Microphone set up. This is a newer version uploaded 23/04 with synth at the end. Please excuse my terrible vocals.  featuring:- Norma Swans and her eclectic knee warblers, backing vocals Ben Downe and Phil McCrackin

from the begining.mp3

Recorded week commencing 19th June 2017, demo completed all instruments again played by Paul, including Yamaha Flutewith a little help from Lucy Lastic and her Venereal Violinist group and Norma Swan for her ecclesiastical knee tremblers for the usual choir of eloquence.  A French sunset, dearly missed this year recording something there. Les finished the first session 16/07/2017 mastering completed 19/07/2017. copyright © Blue Bone Records 2018

le coucher du soleil.mp3

A Track I have been producing and providing the choir and horns backing for Pete Fryer the Outsider with an Axe.  "Spiral of Light" just finished the strings and choirs and it does appear on the new album © copyright Pete Fryer 2018


My Heros

Les having a go at being George Martin
Les with Pete's Ibanez
After 40 years back together again to work on a new project

It was myself and Les who around about 1991 spent some time with Pete Haycock in his studio next to his house in Doxey Stafford Staffordshire England at around the time he was recording with the ELO part two.  We were listening to a rough demo of calling all Honest Men recorded on a 16 track reel to reel and it was superb.

RIP Pete your music lives on.

My Pride and Joy, my Grandsons Oliver, Harry and Max these little people keep me sane and really put things into perspective. "Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting" John Winston oh Boogie Lennon 1965