Discography 1982 - 2020 


Aston Edge 

Flight of the Guinea Pig. (1982/4)

Not really recorded as captured, these are very raw recordings on a very simple 4 track machine back in the day, myself and les had some ideas and just threw them down without any skill or production knowledge at that stage.  Myself and Les were playing with our good buddy Pete Fryer who was streets ahead of us when it came to musicianship.  His fingers just flew across the fret board.  Unfortunately Pete was never recorded with us as he had moved in major circles and really progressed very quickly.  It was later in 2016 that our paths crossed again and appeared on a track I recorded called  ”Not so Famous now” which has now been recorded in two versions one of which is on the new Trouvaile album.

  1. Sweatbox
  2. Blue Whisper
  3. Treading Grapes
  4. Heading for Storm
  5. Its got to be Blue
  6. Light Flight
  7. Black Cat Wood
  8. Ifs What ifs and Whatever’s

Down to the Wire

Now we were starting to get somewhere particularly with backing drum patterns etc and basic recording techniques, still four track and bouncing down tracks to enable around 12 instruments and vocals to be on the final mix / master.  Still very hissy though and by today’s standard there’s no comparison.  We used Red Wine Studio in Hednesford and asked Chris Warsop to produce NOW for us, it wasn’t bad but it didn’t knock anyone’s socks off.

  1. Down to the Wire (1988 .  re-mastered 2004)
  2. Anatahan Sundown
  3. Now (recorded at Red Wine Studio Hednesford)
  4. Captain Smith
  5. Down to the Wire
  6. Waiting for John
  7. Lost without the Dots
  8. Elecroglider
  9. Timeless
  10. 401
  11. Rachel Louise
  12. Gypsy’s Kiss

Seventeen Years (1989)

This album was getting better and better and quality of recording was improving.  Most of the stuff on it was Pauls but Les had all the input into electric guitars except Butchers Biro which was mostly Paul and then Pete Pumford who supplied the backing rhythm acoustic guitar.  Mike Sabini wrote the lyric to Seventeen Years.  Steve Shirley Joined up to sing Now and again did a fantastic job double tracking the vocal.

  1. Butchers Biro
  2. Plankton Concerto
  3. Whatever it takes
  4. Acoustically yours
  5. Bad Dog No Biscuit
  6. Forever
  7. Ruth Elizabeth 11
  8. Rickey’s Tune
  9. Seventeen Years

First Shoots of the New Foundation E.P(March 2018) world wide release on Amazon Digital Music, iTunes, Spotify and many more regional web distributors.

EP RELEASE by Les and Paul prior to the Trouvaille album release

  1. If you Really Care (Aston Edge Shirley)
  2. Le Coucher du Soleil (Aston Edge)
  3. Not so Famous Last Words (Aston Edge)
  4. Toerag (Aston Edge)

Trouvaille (June 2018) world wide release on Amazon Digital Music, iTunes, Spotify and many more regional web distributors.

The latest album to be released by Les and Paul started being recorded in 2016 at the Trench Studio in Telford, they both utilised the services of Steve Shirley and Pete Fryer in putting together a mixture of instrumental and vocal recordings to form this collection of various styles and modes.  Pete Fryer recorded his Guitar for Spirals of light in somerset and the mix and master was produced by Paul back in Shropshire.  No sooner as this one was released in June 2018 more projects are developing.

  1. Elliots Green Animal Bag (Aston Edge)
  2. Half Past Ten (Aston Edge)
  3. Haunting Me (Aston Edge)
  4. If you Really Care (Aston Edge Shirley)
  5. Le Coucher du Soleil (Aston Edge)
  6. Not so Famous Last Words (Aston Edge)
  7. The Old Grey Trench Coat (Aston Edge)
  8. Spiral of Light (Fryer)
  9. Toerag (Aston Edge)
  10. Wodensfeld – Hatherton Street (Aston Edge)
  11. This is not a Nightmare (this is for real) (Aston Edge Shirley)

New Release due in March 2019 Strange Tales is the the second new release from the lads in 12 months excluding the First Shoots CD.  More info to follow soon.


2023. A second lockdown album written performed and produced by Paul Edge and Les Aston, originally based on the theme of the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster but due to recent events in the Ukraine the idea was dropped but a couple of the original tracks survived the mix down.

The use of the BBC Symphony Orchestra plugin from Spitfire Audio was greatly involved.

All material written by Paul Edge and Les Aston (Shelia by Steve Shirley)

Strange Tales Bluebone Records 2023 Experimental album recorded at “The Trench Studio” Telford Shropshire March 2021 to November 2022.  Mastered November / December completed December 2022 / January 2023

CD ONE Volume One
March of the Roche Effect
A City of Significance
The Beginning
The Devils in the Detail
Nipped in the Bud
CD TWO Volume two
We are with You
Minute Intro
Just a Minute
Breeze Block Meadows
Cast a long Shadow

Rhapsody in Blues

Live for the Last Time

 The first EP recording from sessions from the Teagues Bridge Infant School Sessions (this was an old School converted into a community centre; we used to block book it on a Sunday and Rehearse and record for a few hours).  The band consisted of:-

  • Dave Lowe Lead Guitar
  • Kevin Harris Drums,
  • Darren Kibble Rhythm Guitar and Vocals,
  • Paula McGuire Keyboards and Vocals
  • Paul Edge Bass and Backing Vocals.

This was recorded in 1997 and was produced by Paul Edge and Brian Bott.

  1. Back on the Road Again (Lowe)
  2. Tight Jeans and Limousines (Lowe)
  3. Ships in the Night (Lowe)


I enjoyed recording and playing with Rhapsody in Blues in the early days but as we became more popular on the local circuit it began to get a little serious which stopped the freedom and increased the fear of doing a lousy show. We did 2.5hrs every time we played; it was hard work and really didn't suit me playing live.

In Plain Clothes

Recorded in 1998 was a more extended mini album, again produced by Paul Edge and Brian Bott.  I had to re-master and put more Keyboards and Bass on in the early Trench Studio to make the album passable.  Some good stuff on here though.  Remixed and re-mastered in 2003 or thereabouts

  1. The Blue Tune.
  2. Memories in your Head (Lowe Edge)
  3. Jet Lag (Lowe)
  4. Tight Jean (Hard Rock Version)
  5. Back on the Road
  6. Tight Jean (Blues Version)
  7. Ships in the Night

Live at the Huntsman

The band had already split up in late 1999 but we got back together for on last gig.  We played our usual cover set, I set the recorder going through Brian’s sound set up and then spent a few weeks mixing and mastering.  The only problem was that the live recording was absolutely crap so I had revert back to recording we made at rehearsals and mixing in the crowd to make it sound like a live recording with an audience.  This was the worst we had played ever and after 24 gigs with the band it was time to call it quits.

  1. Doctor Doctor
  2. Born to be Wild
  3. Cocaine
  4. Pretty Woman
  5. Tight Jeans
  6. Feel like Making Love
  7. Story of the Blues
  8. Is this Love
  9. Here I go Again
  10. Come Together
  11. All Right Now
  12. Wonderful Tonight
  13. Still got the Blues
  14. Wishing Well

Dave Lowe and Paul Edge

With One Eye Closed 

In 2003 Dave called me and said do you fancy making an album, I said yes as I had moved the studio from Reel to Reel 8 track to 16 track digital and needed some practice and experience. The album took about 3 months to record on and off and was played extensively on the then TELFORD FM local radio for a while by Paul Shuttleworth.  All the tracks were written by both myself and Dave and no other musicians were present at any time of the recording.  I produced it and it has been remixed and re-mastered a number of times, the last being 2016 for inclusion on the www.pauledgemusic.com web page.  I produced, programmed all the percussion and drums, played Keyboard and Bass (plus an acoustic on No Passengers), Dave played all the lead Guitars. Faceless Warrior was also recorded on my own.  It was for a while my favourite but has you move forward and produce bigger and better stuff and play with different musicians your later stuff or the current material and recordings start to become more meaningful.

  1. Lord Parkers Holiday
  2. Arromanche Part One
  3. No Passengers
  4. Rubber Reggae
  5. Faceless Warrior
  6. Sorry for the Blues
  7. The Buck Slows down here
  8. Arromanche Revisited
  9. With One Eye Closed.

The album is available from February 2019 for download purchase from Amazon, spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Play  and other leading media outlets.

World wide release on Amazon Digital Music, iTunes, Spotify and many more regional web distributors.world wide release on Amazon Digital Music, iTunes, Spotify and many more regional web distributors.

Pluto’s Gone

In 2008 we tried to get the band together with a slightly different line up, Myself, Dave and Kev started to rehearse the album we had recorded, it was shocking, we could not reproduce live without a a couple of others playing keyboards and additional guitars, eventually we gave up and went our separate ways.  Myself and Dave started to record  another album but again it fell apart a few weeks in.  Some good tracks were recorded which appear on the Beggars Belief Album of 2015.

  1. Pluto’s Gone. Single Track.

Paysage de Reve 

Started recording in 2015 and only three tracks were completed before we went our separate ways again. Paul managed to salvage a shed load of material they had recorded back in 2003  / 2008 and remixed and remastered for the Paysage de Reve Album.  Blue Bone Music owned by Paul and Dave.

The artwork is truly stunning created by Tabatha Newton Ffrench see Tabatha's page for more information.

Tracks :-

1  Lowes Hop 
2 The Trapped Experiment 
3 Mind the Gap 
4  Self Portrait of a Dreamer 
5  Le Reve (Il pense que je ne peux pas le voir) 

6 The Doghouse of Isolation 
7 The Moroi Comes 
8 The Circular Ruins 
9 The Ladder of Angels 
10 The Sleep of Reason 
11 Paysage de rêve 

Paul and Dave released the album in January 2020. A short film is also being filmed on the making of the Album and will be available on YouTube and on DVD together with the release of the limited edition CD.  As usual the Album is available as a digital download on Amazon, Spotify etc..

World wide release on Amazon Digital Music, iTunes, Spotify and many more regional web distributors.world wide release on Amazon Digital Music, iTunes, Spotify and many more regional web distributors.

Paul Edge

Ground Floor

In 2006 I was the proud owner of a new 24 track Roland porta studio and wanted to put it to use quite quickly so I started an album of my own material Groundfloor.  I played all the instruments except for Seagull which was myself and Pete Pumford on Acoustic Guitars and Lowe and Edge 4 and Mind the Gap from the early With one Eye closed sessions.  It was hard work as It was originally planned for a Dave Lowe and Paul Edge album but again it didn’t materialise.


  1. Seagull (Edge Pumford)
  2. 1st Floor (Edge)
  3. 2nd Floor (Edge)
  4. Groundfloor (Edge)
  5. Llwyn Celyn (Edge)
  6. Mezannine (Edge)
  7. The Patchin Place (Edge Lowe)
  8. Lowe Edge 4 (Edge Lowe)
  9. Mind the Gap (Edge Lowe)

Golden Lillies

2007 and this was my 2nd solo attempt although there was a track I included which originally was an acoustic piece with a vocal that sounded a little empty so I scored it, put drums and piano on board and Marrisa’s sister went mad for it to be included.  Lancelot that’s not your name (dedicated to Martin Barre) was written by Dave.  This was totally recorded at the early Trench and took around 4 months off and on to record. I hate and detest this album.


  1. Ruth Elizabeth (Edge) 2007
  2. Lexington and Fifty First (Edge) 2007
  3. Golden Lillies (Edge) 2007
  4. See you standing There (Marrissa’s Sister) 2005
  5. Scribbles (Edge) 2007
  6. Wuxi Shuffle (Edge) 2007
  7. Lancelot that’s not your name (Edge) 2007


Without a Word

2009 as just the two solo albums put together to make a 16 track recording, I remixed both and re-mastered  so sounds a lot different to the original recordings

Moon for Sale

Moon for Sale is a collection of Orchestral instrumental pieces written and recorded during the first UK Lockdown in 2020 to test the studio after a complete new refit.

All material written and performed by
Paul Edge Moon for Sale Bluebone Records 2020 Experimental album recorded at “The Trench Studio” Telford Shropshire

Moon for Sale is an album of Orchestral pieces written and recorded during the 2020 lockdown by Paul Edge

World wide release on Amazon Digital Music, iTunes, Spotify and many more regional web distributors.world wide release on Amazon Digital Music, iTunes, Spotify and many more regional web distributors.

Politics, Lies and Acceptance

Albategnius (Ronyag)
Aristarchus (Lotte’s Tune)
Aristoteles (The Gifted Liar)
Clavius (what could have been)
Copernicus (Onward Scribbles)
Fra Mauro (Kathy Veronica)
Humboldt (Drifting)
Theophilus (The Ill Wind)
Quetelet (Stick the Knife in)

Production Only


I started some work with Pete Pumford recording other people and this album was the best, a band called Bedlam from Wolverhampton a folk band with a bit of a difference.

The Mighty Lowfield

I recorded The lads (Les Astons Band) in 2014 both studio and live versions of Dakota and Wishing Well, again these were recorded on the mobile studio in Cannock in Staffordshire.  I enjoyed recording this, a great bunch of lads.

Paula McGuire

Paula was the lead singer from Rhapsody in Blues asked me to record a couple of tracks for her so we did, the Corrs Runaway and Mustang Sally,  Paula had a good voice she could have gone places with it.  I believe she packed it all in when RIB split up.

Louisa Warburton

Louisa has been in the studio recording together with Dave Lowe, Fields of Gold and Havana were recorded here

Joe Simmons

EP Audition disc Love of my Life by Freddie Mercury and Miss Saigon Bui Doi  recorded in February 2020

Matt Johnson

Matt has recorded two albums at the trench produced by Paul,