"I love to travel the world and myself and Lane have been to some superb places in the past 15 years or so. I always get inspired by the journeys we have made, my favourite place is and always will be North America.  America has always took priority over other countries visited like China, Thailand, Kenya, Egypt etc but lately with Trump now head of state I don't think we will be visiting again until he is impeached.  Hey Ho.  I will miss our tour manager Tim Boaler but it wont be long before America wakes up to this fake loser of a non president.   Rock on Leyland Sklar.

Our Jaunt (in August 2015) around the world was Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, the Land of Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Tupelo, New Orleans, Chattanooga and Vicksburg. This is definitely one of the best tours we have done in the past 10 or so years. Getting to grips with the civil rights movement and the history of Dr Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley the King himself?, BB King and the list goes on and on.

The music was tremendous especially in Jerry Lee Lewis and BB Kings Blues clubs in Memphis. A visit to the Memphis Gibson Factory where ES 335s are made just topped it all for me. A steam boat ride down the New Orleans stretch of the Mississippi was a great experience to a great city. Met some great people on the way the tour group were truly the best. John Carter Cash (Johnny Cash's son with June Carter) and Robert Duval who looks great at 84 and Billy Bob Thornton both at the Grand Ole Oprey. Played some great venues whilst over there, the Tupelo Hardware Store and Rock City between Nashville and Chattanooga.

General Photos of our various trips, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, LA, Denver, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, Grand Canyon, San Diego, New York, 2003, 2006 and 2009

Egypt, Jordan, Thailand, China (Beijing, Xian, Shanghai). Rome, Florence, Siena, Sorrento, Pompeii, San Moreno, Athens, Kenya, Madera, Munich, Saltsburg, Budapest, Prague.

Christmas 2016, Peldhu Cornwall

Around the Spanish side of the Med and down to Ceuta North Africa, a wonderful chill out week followed by a few days in Krakow Poland

The West Indies 2018

  When I find time I will publish more photos of our several years of cruising as well.  Since we started world touring in 2004 we have visited some fine places most of which sadly now are struck by terrorism of some sort of another, the last place I want to see and then I will be very content with the travel experiences we have had is Japan. This year 2018 however has been the Caribbean and will be followed again by the west side of the Mediterranean later in the year.

Sun Bridgetown - BARBADOS 
Mon Castries - ST. LUCIA 
Tue Pointe a Pitre - GUADELOUPE 
Wed St. Thomas - ANTIGUA

Thu San Juan - PUERTO RICO
Fri Fort de France - MARTINQUE 
 Sat St. George's - GRENADA 
Sun Bridgetown - BARBADOS 
Mon At Sea
Wed Philipsburg - ST. MAARTEN 
Thu Basseterre - ST. KITTS 
 Fri St. John's - ANTIGUA 
 Bridgetown - BARBADOS

Another Cruise around the MED In August did us the world of good.  Palma, Corsica, Sicily, Italy (Sorrento. Rome) and the weather was superb.

Another wonderful Christmas in Cornwall in little Peverick near Padstow

Our Jaunt in 2019 took us to Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.  Superb Tour so sorry to come back to our traumatic landscape here in the UK.