Paul started the Studio build in June 2014 and finished in December the same year.  It took a further 2 months to complete the wiring and testing of the studio and finally was up and running around March 2015.  Many thanks to Stuart Field, Chris Field, Omar Edge and Kevin Smart for many hours of sweat and tears to complete a fantastic project which is now fully operational and providing a great service. The Studio was upgraded from a Mackie DB8 24 track setup to a Presonus Studio Live / Studio one version 6 set up 32 Track  in 2020.

The Trench Studio was upgraded to Persons studio One 6 in October 2022 to give the best possible production.

The new studio set up after a recent upgrade from Mackie to Presonus using Studiolive 32 desk and PC Presonus Studio one version 6 software really gives protools a run for the money.



 Spitfire audio.

The very best in Orchestral libraries