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Les and Paul have just finished mixing and mastering the new album Trouvaille).  They haven't played together since the mid 90s so a shed load of catching up to do but in the new studio progress was amazing.  As a taster they have released an EP with four tracks from the new album. Pete Fryer has worked on one of the tracks with Les and Paul but 80% of the album is Paul and Les with a great helping of Steve Shirley lyrics and vocals but who knows anything can happen along the road to completion.  Appearing on the Album are, Steve Shirley,  and Pete Fryer.  The EP "First Shoots of the new foundation" has unfortunately sold out and the digital album on Amazon , deezer IT tunes is no longer available.  However the  Album Trouvaille has been available since Friday 8th June 2019 on Amazon.

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Artist: Aston Edge
Release Date: 08/06/2018
Pre-Order Date:
Language: English
UPC: 5056084791650
Genre: Instrumental
Tracks: 11
Label: Blue Bone Records
Year ©: 2018
Year Produced: 2018

1 Elliot's Green Animal Bag Aston Edge  GBMJG1808352   Paul Edge / Les Aston  Produced by  Paul Edge  02:02 Instrumental  © 2018 Blue Bone Records

2 Half Past Ten Aston Edge GBMJG1808353 Paul Edge / Les Aston Paul Edge Produced by  Paul Edge 04:01 Instrumental © 2018 Blue Bone Records

3 Haunting Me Aston Edge GBMJG1808354 Paul Edge / Les Aston Paul Edge  Produced by Paul Edge  04:53 Easy Listening © 2018 Blue Bone Records

4 If You Really Care Aston Edge GBMJG1803109 Paul Edge / Les Aston Paul Edge Lyrics Steve Shirley  Produced by Paul Edge 04:53 Easy Listening © 2018 Blue Bone Records

5 Le Coucher du Soliel Aston Edge GBMJG1803110 Paul Edge / Les Aston Produced by  Paul Edge 02:26 Instrumental © 2018 Blue Bone Records

6 Not So Famous Last Words Aston Edge GBMJG1803111 Paul Edge / Les Aston / Pete Fryer Produced by Paul Edge  02:38 Instrumental © 2018 Blue Bone Records

7 The Old Grey Trench Coat Aston Edge GBMJG1808355 Paul Edge Produced by Paul Edge  03:28 Instrumental  © 2018 Blue Bone Records

8 Spirals of Light (Remix) Aston Edge GBMJG1808356 Pete Fryer Pete Fryer Produced by Paul Edge 04:08 Rock © 2017 Fryer Music 2017

9 Toerag Aston Edge GBMJG1803112 Paul Edge / Les Aston Paul Edge Produced by Paul Edge 03:09 Instrumental © 2018 Blue Bone Records

10 Wodensfeld - Hatherton Street Aston Edge GBMJG1808357 Paul Edge / Les Aston Produced by Paul Edge  03:49 Instrumental © 2018 Blue Bone Records 

11 This Is Not a Nightmare (This Is for Real) Aston Edge GBMJG1808358 Paul Edge / Les Aston Paul Edge Lyrics by Steve Shirley Produced by Paul Edge © 2018 Blue Bone Records

Re-Mastered recordings of Les and Paul's early recordings 1988 and 1992, Seventeen Years and Down to the Wire

Album cover design for EP RELEASED 1/03/2018 with the 8 page booklet for disk versions

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