A blast from the past 1993/4 or thereabouts a song recorded for Teagues Bridge Primary School in Telford,  great fun here with Les and Chris Warsop who produced the final recording. a rare phot of me and Les with Hair.

2023 Album "Strange Tales" NOW AVAILABLE

Les and Paul finished mixing and mastering the album Trouvaille in 2019.  They haven't played together since the mid 90s so a shed load of catching up to do, however, progress in the new studio was amazing.  As a taster they have released an EP with four tracks from the new album which was only available in a limited CD run and has now been removed from the digital download sites.

Pete Fryer has worked on one of the tracks  but 80% of the album is down to Paul and Les with a great helping of Steve Shirley's lyrics and vocals.

Appearing on the Album are, Steve Shirley,  and Pete Fryer. The Album Trouvaille has been available since Friday 8th June 2019 on Amazon.

Here's a few sample tracks from the album published and released on Amazon Digital Music.






Re-Mastered recordings of Les and Paul's early recordings 1988 and 1992, Seventeen Years and Down to the Wire



Album cover design for EP RELEASED 1/03/2018 with the 8 page booklet for disk versions