Released on all digital platforms on 1st April 2021

Moon for Sale

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Moon for Sale is a collection of Orchestral instrumental pieces written and recorded during the first UK Lockdown in 2020 to test the studio after a complete new refit. listen to three sample tracks on Soundcloud below.

All material written and performed by
Paul Edge Moon for Sale Bluebone Records 2020 Experimental album recorded at “The Trench Studio” Telford Shropshire

Moon for Sale is an album of Orchestral pieces written and recorded during the 2020 lockdown by Paul Edge

Politics, Lies and Acceptance

Albategnius (Ronyag)
Aristarchus (Lotte’s Tune)
Aristoteles (The Gifted Liar)
Clavius (what could have been)
Copernicus (Onward Scribbles)
Fra Mauro (Kathy Veronica)
Humboldt (Drifting)
Theophilus (The Ill Wind)
Quetelet (Stick the Knife in)

The Sleeping Moon. 

Its patience is growing thinner and shorter

It’s sad languid smile disappearing by the day slowly

It’s cold, dusty exterior failing to survive

Yet its beauty is truly magnificent.

It’s at peace, no worries, and no lies to wear it down further.

The odd foreign object lands on its pale skin

It bears no malice, no opinion; it just sits there circling us, keeping us safe in our cocooned sense of security.

It almost laughs at us, or maybe it’s got a sense of pity towards the fools who make and those who follow................................................... and of course the remainder.

It does not judge...................... It does not blame..............................  It just observes our foolhardy attempt to live in peace.

It mocks our shallow beliefs and lampposts to lean on

It smiles in our attempts to hoard possessions, trinkets and must haves.

In return we attempt to colonise it as we have every corner of the search of profit, wealth and power.............with the deep veiled notion that its exploration.

It could soon be purely in the name of survival.



Pauls new album recorded in the 2nd lockdown coming soon " Strange tales"

Paul spent autumn of 2021/22 recording this album which was produced at the trench using the BBC Symphony Orchestra , spitfire audio plugins.  Originally inspired by the Chernobyl event in the 1980s.  This became irrelevant due to the recent events in the Ukraine.

Les Aston is currently working on the finalisation of the album and Pete Fryer has been approached to work on a couple of tracks as well.  The Project so far has been engineered mixed and Mastered by Paul for a Bluebone Records Release later in 2022 or early 2023.  Various samples are available on Soundcloud free for a limited time but have little of the lead parts mixed.  see links below.

The track listing is far from finalised as new material from les is still being produced.




Prototype cover of new album prior to final mix and master


15 track double album from lockdown 2,listen to a couple of samples on sound cloud of the new album.

CD ONE Volume One
March of the Roche Effect
A City of Significance
The Beginning
The Devils in the Detail
Nipped in the Bud
CD TWO Volume two
We are with You
Minute Intro
Just a Minute
Breeze Block Meadows
Cast a long Shadow


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