I have known Pete for the past 50 years or so since we started the same school in Wednesfield in Wolverhampton.  It was Pete who inspired me to play the guitar all those years ago.  Pete is a true technical musician and poet whose work both musically and lyrically amazing.

Paul and Pete have recently started to work together on a project which Paul is recording in Shropshire and Pete is using the demo tracks to overdub Guitar parts in South Somerset:- More to follow:- 

Meanwhile cop a load of these two tracks from Pete, they'll knock your socks off.  

Recorded at Sylvafied Studios Shaftsbury , Dorset by Ed Bersey.


07768 725353    info@sylvafield.com https://www.sylvafield.com/

The complete album can be found on Amazon and is available to buy as separate tracks as well.

Tender On The Hoof.mp3

M2_-Queens Gold2.mp3

Pete Fryer - No Idea - 03 From Nowhere.mp3

The Outsider with an Axe - From Nowhere - 04 Spiral Of Light.mp3

Spiral of Light (Pete Fryer the outsider with an Axe) Recorded at The Trench Telford Shropshire. Not the version on the finished Album


Pete with Joe Satriani